1095 Hjulmutter

23,80 kr
Artikelnummer: 1095

Direction of rotation of the thread                                      Right-handed thread

Inner diameter of the thread - metric D1-M (mm)               17.46

Internal thread type TA1                                                     3/4 UNF

Non-metric pitch of the thread PI                                        16

Metric height of the nut H1-M (mm)                                    16.67

Non-metric height of the nut-decimal H1-IA (inch)              0.66

Non-metric height of the nut-fraction H1-IB (inch)              21/32

Unit of the thread                                                                Imperial

Type of the nut                                                                    A1

Type of material                                                                  Steel

Non-metric width across flats - decimal WAF-IA (inch)     1.13

Non-metric width across flats - fraction WAF-IB (inch)     1 1/8

Strength class SP-CL                                                         0

Thread locker present on the thread                                  NO

Self-locking nut                                                                   NO

Description of the nut                                                         Hexagon nut